Forgotten Heroes...
Winning one last battle--against racism

medal.gifA half-century late, the Medal of Honor for seven black heroes of WWII

The last act of a grateful nation's half-century commemoration of the Allied victory in World War II may be a simple and long-delayed act of justice: Seven black American soldiers, all but one now dead, will be awarded the Medal of Honor for their valor and self-sacrifice while fighting for a segregated country in a segregated Army.

While 1.2 million black Americans served in World War II, not one received the nation's highest military honor, and only nine were awarded the second-highest, the Distinguished Service Cross. Now U.S. News has learned that after a selection process nearly three years long, the Pentagon has forwarded seven names to Congress and the White House. Only the president may award the Medal of Honor, but in this case Congress must waive the time limit for awarding World War II medals, which expired in 1952. The waivers for the seven are contained in the 1997 defense authorization bill, and such measures ordinarily are not passed until October..... (Continue reading the U.S.News story)

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